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Principal's Greeting

Mitsuhiko Iwamoto

Education is more than just reading, writing and arithmetic. Today we live in an international world. Because of this, students should think about how they live, including how they see things, handle things and express themselves, in relation to this world. It is my desire that our students should have opportunities to consider these things deeply. After graduation, our students have the challenge of finding their own way in the world. It is my sincerest wish that, regardless of how difficult the challenges might be, they will undertake them with great confidence, and in doing so, make significant contributions to the international community as a result of the education they have received at Johoku. At Johoku, a strong emphasis is placed upon international understanding and education. Through learning English, international exchange, and developing good communication skills, students come to fully respect and understand other cultures without prejudice. These things lead to kindness, an appreciation for the importance of life, and a strong desire for a peaceful world. That is to say, developing an international sense also develops a sense of humanity, and as citizens of Hiroshima, it is our duty to convey kindness, the importance of life, and our desire for peace to others.

I believe that as a school, the most important thing is the satisfaction of students and parents, and making a positive contribution to the local community. In order to guarantee this, we operate with complete openness and become involved with the local community in a variety of ways. Because of this, parents and members of our community regard Johoku as a reliable and trustworthy institution. In addition to this, the faculty strives for constant improvement in teaching, therefore enabling students to achieve their potential and attain their goals. I believe that everything I do and every decision I make should be for the benefit our students, a belief that I will remain faithful to in the future.